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UKAAP is a new concept – it is for everyone no matter what their qualifications, who practice and work within the field of Aesthetic Medicine.  We embrace medical/dental practitioners, nurse practitioners, beauty practitioners, anyone who is involved in the delivery of clinical and/or administrative services in Aesthetic Practice.  Our advisory board reflects the breadth of our concept.

The educational content of this website is intended to be the best in the world and we are striving constantly to maintain this unbelievably high standard.  You will see immediately from the quality of our video education samples here on the front page what we bring and offer.

Chapter 1 – Patient Preparation

Patient selection, preparation and expectation is critical.  Specific medical or psychological contraindications will be discussed – consent procedures analysed – physical preparation of the skin and treatment products – respect, explanation, maintaining high standards are all part of this important process.

Chapter 2 – Injectable Aesthetics

Botulinum Toxin, its dilutions, its preparation, the exact way in which it is introduced into the muscles, at what depth, at what angle the needles are orientated, all presented in great detail.

Dermal Fillers – in the same manner will be shown, in depth discussion of the facial anatomy, structures to avoid and respect, presented in a very technical and detailed manner.

Both Botulinum Toxin and filler sections are regionalised – that is to say the different locations on the face at which these are used are specifically presented separately.

Skin surface anaesthesia as well as regional nerve blocks are demonstrated and discussed.

Chapter 3 – Laser/Peel/Dermaroller

Light therapies including laser and IPL are presented and discussed.  Skin surface peels including depth of penetration, indications, and side effects are important although probably practiced slightly less often than injectables.  Nonetheless this is an important part of this website and will form a major chapter.

Chapter 4 – Marketing/Business

Important aspects of clinical promotion, such as, product pricing, ethical advertising are essential because without a vibrant clinical practice you will not be in business for very long.  Important but often overlooked aspects will be presented and discussed in detail. Telephone answering techniques – website development – are all examples of this.

Chapter 5 – Dermatology

Our belief at UKAAP is that all aesthetic practitioners will be viewed by their clients and patients as “skin experts” and there will be many occasions, some of them inadvertent, when the practitioner will be asked about or will observe on the skin additional problems such as eczema, psoriasis or even skin cancer.

It is our view at UKAAP that all aesthetic practitioners should have a wide breadth of knowledge about common skin disorders and should be able to give reasonable sensible advice when asked.  Therefore the Dermatology section will contain a great deal of helpful information about all common aspects of skin disease including mole observation, facial rashes, nail and hair disease, etc.

Chapter 6 – General

In this section, we will address and discuss miscellaneous topics that are of interest.
including supplier information and price comparisons, Industry standards and the Keogh report.