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Why Join UKAAP?

From your home, online:

  • top quality video step by step techniques – clear and intricate.
  • interactive discussion threads – discuss treatments, techniques.
  • e-learning programmes from beginner to MasterClass
  • dermatology – skin lesions, rashes and common skin conditions
  • network of practitioners – connect to peers and experts

Our Educational Board offers the highest expertise across the areas you need to know about. Current regulatory interest in aesthetic practice is intense and we offer support and mentorship of the highest quality. We offer membership of an educational academy spanning all the different professions involved – Dermatologists, Specialist Nurses, Plastic Surgeons, Dentists etc.



No one is excluded from membership. We thus provide the broadest base of experience to allow you to be part of a stunning  programme interacting not only with your own professional peers but other specialists too.

  • favoured techniques/education (see our taster videos)
  • loads of discussion threads for continuous updates and also your own input, hot topics
  • regular email/online quiz and educational features, you will never fall behind the cutting edge
  • UKAAP educational meetings for you to attend, meet and discuss face to face

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